Friday, November 18, 2011

November is Difficult

November is difficult.  On the 20th, we would have been married for 12 years.  We never really celebrated our anniversary.  We had been together about 3 years prior to the wedding and we just considered the date a mile marker of sorts.  It was something to make note of; a point of reference.

I remember our 10th anniversary.  That morning, my husband and I had gone over to my Mom's house to help her out with a couple of things.  My phone rang.

Me:  "Hello?"

Daughter:  "Happy Anniversary!"

Me:  "Anniversary of what?"

Daughter:  *sighs* "You're wedding?"

Me:  "Oh...thanks."

Daughter:  *rolls eyes* (I can hear that through the phone, being that I'm a mom) "Whatever.  I'll see you when you get home."

Me:  "Okay, bye sweetie."

*Husband walks into room*

Me:  "Guess what?  B______ just called to say happy anniversary."

Husband:  "Anniversary of what?"

The memory of that conversation always leaves me with a smile.  I find myself clinging to each and every memory but this memory, ironically a memory of forgetfulness, this one I store safely at the center of my heart. 

Why?  Because I suspect I won't ever forget that date again.