Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Protector

As he sits there pretending to watch whatever incessant show is streaming across the TV, he keeps his ears open to any unusual sounds and his eyes are constantly moving, assessing the room.  He purposely relaxes his broad shoulders and lowers his eyelids slightly.  His demeanor giving off a lazy, relaxed appearance.

His looks at his family as they watch TV, occasionally commenting on one thing or another, and is overwhelmed with the love he has for them.  There is nothing he won't do to keep them safe.  He would die for them and if it comes down to it, he would kill for them.  Mentally, he shakes himself.  Stretching, using the opportunity to look around, he falls back into his reclining position.  His face reflecting nothing but mild boredom as he again faces the TV.  In his peripheral vision he glances at his family again.  They continue to go about their business, acting as though they believe his facade. 

They don't.

They know he's alert, aware.  They know he's always on the job.  He knows they love him for it, even though he also knows it can become tiresome, having someone around who is always on guard.  But, tiresome or not, things have to be done and he's here to do them.

Sighing, he reclines and closes his eyes...almost completely...almost.  Ever vigilant, he keeps his senses attuned to everything and notices a slight change in the atmosphere.  There's a whisper of a sound and he readies himself.  His mind working overtime, his muscles practically vibrating with anticipation...

Stay calm.

Not yet.



"Max, leave the cat alone!"


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, Tuesday...W T F?

It's Tuesday.  How can it only be Tuesday? 

Panicked, I ran to the bathroom and examined myself  in the mirror.   My eyes were red and glazed over from a string of eight hour days staring at a computer screen.  I had my Friday hairstyle which I think of as my "I did my hair all damn week so f**k them if they don't like it" look.  I was dressed in my end of the week outfit which basically consisted of whatever was left in my closet that marginally matched (at least by braille if not actual sight).  My back ached, my legs felt restless and my head hurt.  I even had a sore right ear which I like to refer to as "customer service ear".

I ran back to my desk to double check my calendar.  It definitely said Tuesday. 

...But how could that be?  All signs pointed to Friday.  I tried to think back on my work week and I got nothing.  My whole week was a blank.  Just like every Friday.

I checked with my friends.  I double-checked with my Mom.  It was definitely Tuesday.  Which could only mean one thing...

...I need a vacation!

Friday, September 23, 2011

And Then There Was Light

In the darkness, she awoke...and wished she hadn't.  She felt as though her body was moving against her will.  Everything was shifting, breaking apart around her.  Disoriented, trembling with fear, she viciously clamped down on her own panic.  This was her home and there was no way she was going to let anything happen to it.  She loved it here.  She was warm and safe here.  Until now anyway.  Not knowing who or what was causing this, she did the only thing she could do.  She closed her eyes and held on for dear life.

Everything stopped.  It got quiet and she waited there in the dark, holding on.  The dark didn't bother her.  It was always dark here.  Time passed.  Occasionally, there was a feeling of being pushed or tugged but mostly, there was nothing.

She was tired and felt herself being lulled back into a sense of calm.  She loved it here.  It was so warm and cozy.  She could hear the rhythmic, liquid sounds that were a constant in this place.  It soothed her rattled nerves and she felt her eyelids lowering, heavy with fatigue.  She could feel Her there and as always, wished she could touch Her but at least She was near.  Finally, she slept.

She woke instantly and for the first time in her life, she was freezing.  She screamed out her frustration.  While she slept, someone had taken hold of her and pulled her from her home.  It was cold and awful.  Strange sounds surrounded her and she trembled feeling helpless and so alone.

She opened her eyes.  It was bright here and she couldn't focus.  She was being moved again and was shocked to find herself in Her arms.  She could actually feel Her arms holding her tightly.  She could hear Her voice and she was once again warm and safe.  She couldn't seem to speak but had always known Her name and she spoke it with her heart as she had always done..."Mom".

As she lay nestled in her mother's arms, happier than she had ever been, she heard Her whisper, "Imogen", and her heart was suddenly full of an indescribable love which had overflowed from Her heart.  And she slept, happier than she had ever been because now, she was truly home.

...and then there was light...Welcome home Imogen!

(for Vanessa and JJ...Congratulations!)