Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Protector

As he sits there pretending to watch whatever incessant show is streaming across the TV, he keeps his ears open to any unusual sounds and his eyes are constantly moving, assessing the room.  He purposely relaxes his broad shoulders and lowers his eyelids slightly.  His demeanor giving off a lazy, relaxed appearance.

His looks at his family as they watch TV, occasionally commenting on one thing or another, and is overwhelmed with the love he has for them.  There is nothing he won't do to keep them safe.  He would die for them and if it comes down to it, he would kill for them.  Mentally, he shakes himself.  Stretching, using the opportunity to look around, he falls back into his reclining position.  His face reflecting nothing but mild boredom as he again faces the TV.  In his peripheral vision he glances at his family again.  They continue to go about their business, acting as though they believe his facade. 

They don't.

They know he's alert, aware.  They know he's always on the job.  He knows they love him for it, even though he also knows it can become tiresome, having someone around who is always on guard.  But, tiresome or not, things have to be done and he's here to do them.

Sighing, he reclines and closes his eyes...almost completely...almost.  Ever vigilant, he keeps his senses attuned to everything and notices a slight change in the atmosphere.  There's a whisper of a sound and he readies himself.  His mind working overtime, his muscles practically vibrating with anticipation...

Stay calm.

Not yet.



"Max, leave the cat alone!"



  1. HA!

    My dog used to carry the cats around by the scruff of their neck, like a wolf would carry her young. (She was a husky) As you can imagine... the cats just LOVED it.

  2. The dog we had a few years ago, Ash, was like that, Until a remote control car passed by. Sorry but against one of those it's every man for himself as far as he was concerned.

  3. This post has brought a real smile to my face this morning. I love your writing style! Beautiful Dog.

  4. @ Julianna...I'm going to make sure Max doesn't read your comment.

    @ Nubian...Thanks, I think so.

    @ AC...He's my hero and my nemesis.

    @ Vinny...I don't blame him. I mean, who's driving those anyway? Teeny tiny people? *shudders*

    @ lyndylou...He really is. I love him to pieces.

    @ Donna...Thanks. Glad to know you enjoyed it.

  5. Nari, first of all: welcome back.

    Secondly, have I ever mentioned how much I wish I had a dog? Have you ever heard of the book "The Art of Racing In The Rain"? It's a narration told by the dog. A really cool story, I think you'd like it. Well, I loved it and shouldn't everybody like what I like?

    Have I mentioned I missed you?

  6. @ Nikki...I've missed you too. I am a voracious reader and I absolutely love to get book referrals. I read about 4 to 7 books a week so I'm always running out of titles to read. I will pick it up this weekend. Thanks.

  7. Love Max.
    And the smells around our house? Definitely hubby, not the dog. :)

  8. @ GPD...I love him too but as for the smelly hubby, well...

  9. Great story nari...I could almost hear Max breath!!!

  10. @ IWBY...thanks. At least you can't smell it!