Wednesday, July 18, 2012


He wakes.  Keeping his eyes shut, he lets his senses stretch out around him.  He's laying on something-not the ground.  A mattress?  There's a low mechanical hum and the air swirls across his skin, moving along his legs, his chest, his arms.  It feels good.  He inhales the scents around him.  No dirt, no gun powder, no sweat.  He smells soap, clean sheets...a woman.  He must still be dreaming.  He can hear her breathing beside him now and slowly reaches out his hand, wanting to keep the dream going for as long as possible.

His fingertips brush against cool satin, moving lower until he feels the silky softness of her skin.  She sighs but doesn't wake.  His hand runs up her bared thigh, over the curve of her hip.  When he reaches her waist, his fingers curl and grip, pulling her against his side.  His heart threatens to pound right out of his chest.  Is this real?  Fearing the answer is no, he squeezes his eyes tighter, and wraps himself around her feminine softness, letting her warmth seep into him.  She smells so good, like she always does, and his whole body aches for her.  She turns in his arms and whispers a kiss across his mouth, nuzzling her face against his throat.  It feels perfect.

Knowing he can't put it off any longer, feeling the trappings of this beautiful recurring dream slipping away, he forces his eyes open, preparing himself for the sight of his brothers, the sound of enemy gunfire, the smell of sweat and dirt...but he's still lying in his bed with his woman in his arms.  He just stares at her and she smiles, looking up at him, running her fingers through his hair.

Then, she says the one thing he needs to hear most.  Her confirmation.  "You're really here. We're really here.", she whispers softly and as he looks into her beautiful eyes, filled with love and longing, he knows that it's true.  Here, with her in his arms, one word echoes though his mind...HOME.


She wakes as his breathing becomes more shallow and knows he will wake up soon.  She waits to see what will happen and then feels his hand brush against her moving lower to her leg and then back up again.  Moving so slowly and gently that she wonders if she's imagining it.  She releases the breath she's been holding in anticipation of this first morning and trembles beneath his light touch.  Thank God.  It still feels the same.  He still feels the same.  She feels his fingers wrap around her waist and pull her to him.  After a moment, he completely surrounds her body with his.  His love and his undeniable strength a part of her again, sheltering her and keeping her safe.

As the heat from his hard chest sears through her nightgown and sizzles along her spine, her body begins to hum with yearning.  She turns in his arms and sees his eyes are still closed.  She kisses him softly and puts her nose to his neck to fill herself with his scent once again, feeding her soul as her body yields to his.  She can feel his eyes on her and looks up, seeking more contact.  She can see his longing, his love, his wariness and imagines hers must look the same.  She smiles, reaching up and touching his hair.  She can't bear not touching him.

With a lump in her throat, she manages to choke out her plea, "You're really here.  We're really here."  Hoping to make them true by voicing them out loud.  His eyes seem to flash for a moment with what...relief?...and then his mouth descends to hers.  His lips strong, confident, insistent.  The same as before and she knows it's finally true...he's HOME. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Linking In

Yesterday, I peeked in to read some posts from some of my favorite bloggers.  I haven't been around for a while.  No posts, no comments...nothing.  I don't know what compelled me to get on and see what you all were up to yesterday but I did and this is what I discovered:

The talented and funny Vinnie continues to have wonderfully hilarious conversations with Mrs. C.  (It's good to know some things never change.  My heart eases with the laughter he coaxes out of me)

The beautifully descriptive and enchanting baglady has taken me to Mykonos.  (It's true.  I went to Greece.  It was wonderful)

A brilliant, quirky and honest man, Mr. L Street discusses siblings, with humor and honesty.  (Plus, he shares the true benefits of a zen garden)

My favorite paramedic, Spence, shares the story of an untimely death from his unique viewpoint.  (His stories always provide a personal connection to the scene, through the people, the scenery, even the inanimate objects)

And this, boys and girls, is what I have life may feel bottomless right now but to keep going, I need to be connected.  Maybe that's why I signed back on yesterday.  I know I've distanced myself from everything for the past year, stretching the tethers that connect me to the rest of the world to the point where you could probably play them like harp strings at this point.  This is one of the ways for me to link back in which is why I have linked a few noteworthy bloggers into this post.

Thanks for checking in with me too.