Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dating in 2011: a third party observation

 I didn't know what to write about but thought I should post something today, so while speaking with some of my friends, I came up with the idea to write down some of my observations on the current dating climate.  As the title states, this is a third party observation as I have not been on a date since the last millennium.

 A lot of today's relationships, whether platonic or romantic, tend to be electronic.  I'm sure most of us can relate to that.  Without a social network, would you really have 659 friends right now?  Really?  In case you're confused, the answer to that question is...NO.  Still, I'll bet there are people on that list, people you've never even met, that you consider some of your dearest friends.

Our definition of friendship has definitely changed so...what about romantic relationships?  Can you fall in love and maintain a relationship with someone you've never met?  I know people who do just that but I can't seem to grasp the concept.

If your, hmmm...E-lover?, gets a computer virus (STD) or his Internet connection keeps failing (erectile dysfunction), could this put a strain on the relationship?  Can you get counseling for that?  Is someone with a faster Internet connection, better typing skills and a bigger hard drive more appealing?

Will romance novels change in the future...?

What would constitute, know...relations?  I've been told men have to do it regularly or they'll die...

Sorry, my mind tends to wander.  Let's get back to Dating 2011.

According to my single friends, other than changes in mode and method, dating is still similar in a lot of ways.  There's still that search going on for Mr. or Ms. Right.  Looking for that spark, that connection...

Unfortunately, it's kind of difficult to differentiate between one spark and another.  Which has left a lot of people suspicious (thus, the invention of the pre-nup) or jaded...

Some of us have been lucky, finding the right kind of spark.  A true love story set in real life.  Some haven't had that luck yet but someday they will.  I know it for a fact because since the dawn of time, there have been men searching with their brains and their libidos and women searching with their faith and their hearts.

Eventually, they will find each other...

 ...because somebody's gotta kill that damn spider!


  1. Oh My God. Funny!

    The frogs are the best!

    My friend once said that was like blind dating with a seeing eye dog. :)

  2. hahaha dating in this time period is so ridiculous, at least for my age group. I know that men mature later than women but that gap seems to be getting bigger and bigger... not sure if that has anything to do with the internet or not. I blame it anyway... the internet makes it so much easier to be lazy ;)

  3. @ Just Me...thought you'd enjoy this one.

    @ Julianna...gotts love the frogs. That's funny about I guess it's true. It's for those who enjoy Russian Roulette but still need the instructions.

    @ would know more than I for sure about dating but regarding laziness, I probably have you beat. BTW - I can't post comments on your blog for some reason. I've been reading but can't comment.

  4. This is really funny.
    Glad I don't have to do that anymore.

  5. @ AC...I don't feel like I've ever done it but maybe I've just created a mental block to cover the horror of it all.

  6. I so hope you're talking about dating...;)

  7. @ AC...I didn't read this last comment until today and it caught me off guard. For this reason, my sinuses are now killing me, what with all of the hot coffee that shot out of my nose.

  8. I was pretty hopeless on the whole dating scene before I met Mrs. C. Now, I shudder to think of my chances if I ever to end up were single. Think about it, I'm fifteen years out of practice from being hopeless!

  9. @ AC... :D

    @ Vinny...Hahaha! I'm sure you would do just fine. After all, Mrs. C gave you a shot and she sounds wonderful. But luckily, since you have her, you won't ever have to test out the theory.

  10. Heehee, this really made me laugh Nari!

    All I can say regarding dating again is... bleugh!

  11. @ I value your opinion, I will take both of your statements as fact. ;)

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  13. @ Sushil...with so little experience and knowledge of dating, I doubt anyone would really trust my opinion. But, ummm, thanks.

  14. omg soooo funny....the frogs hahahah the frogs!!!!

    I didn''t date much when I was dating era. 3 boyfriends in 3 years and I married the last one!!

  15. @ IWBY...the frogs are what inspired this post...after I finished laughing. I dated quite a bit back in the late 80's but that was a very very long time ago, at least that's what my Girls tell me.