Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Everyone has their own specific point of view.  Bloggers are a great sampling of that.

For example, a lot of us will be traveling for the Holidays and even if you are lucky enough to have avoided becoming a member of our bedraggled group this particular Holiday season, you would be hard-pressed to avoid all of the reports on our current airline security measures.  (unless of course you live on a desert island, in which case, great job constructing internet access with coconuts and seashells, Professor)

Regardless of your opinion on the matter (which means, I don't really care...except if you're posting it in an amusing or heartfelt blog post or comment), I have found a diverse array of postings: funny, angry, happy, annoyed, etc...oh, and of course terrified (that is expected though since that particular blogger is a 97 yr old great-grandma who is in fact a radical extremist, at least in the knitting world). 

I think that's why I enjoy reading blogs in the first place.  I've discovered I've learned a lot about myself and human nature by reading the posts of total strangers.  Who knew??

Clearly, we all see things differently.  We will never find another person who agrees or disagrees with us on everything (if you do, run away quickly, they're either lying to you or it's your evil

I guess it's all in our perspective:


  1. My internet access was constructed with bailing twine and paperclips. Does that count? LOL
    BTW, love the picture with the dogs!

  2. ..beside if everyone seeing the same perspective all the time, it will be boring and...creepy! :D
    Agreed i love the pic with the dogs!!!

  3. @ Spud It most definitely does count, Professor Spud

    @ fairy Thanks for reading and I completely agree, nobody likes sheeple

  4.'s all in the perspective...

  5. @ caterpillar I'm glad you see it my way