Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The loss of a disconnected friend

I've known you longer than I've known my children.  Not a close friend but a family friend, one with whom I associate fond memories and sincere affection. 

You were one of four then. 

Since our connection was third party really, when that party departed, the connection was severed.  I had heard some news not too long ago.  It was hard to believe and I wished all of you well but the distance was vast and my prayers were all I had to offer.

You were one of three then.

I would see the three of you on a rare Sunday.  We would say hello, hug, and exchange pleasantries, complimenting each other's children and reminiscing over the "lighter, brighter" days.  In the end, we would head off in our own directions, once again disconnected.

Now there are two...and you aren't one of them.

The news was shocking-a tragic accident.  It seemed false somehow.  A story about a stranger except that it was about you.  You have been in my thoughts the last couple of days and this morning, I could feel you in the air.  In the beautiful day that greeted me, after the cold gray mornings of the past couple of weeks.  In that blush of pink and sunshine all around me, I felt you.

Though you are gone, you are not forgotten, my disconnected friend.


  1. It's hard losing someone you know. The fact that that you might not have had a close connection with them for a while doesn't always make it that much easier.

  2. @ Vinny... I agree and thanks. Sometimes I think the problem may be that the loss is so closely linked with regret in those cases.

  3. Wow. We never forget the people we've been friends with. Sometimes we're also caught up in our won worlds that we don't notice we're cutting off from other people. That's the way it is. You can only focus or put some time for certain people at a certain point. :) I'm sure that friend is feeling the same way you are.

  4. I love this...
    Also, I just wanted to thank you - for always having a kind word. I took the night off tonight, and I am going to bed early. Sometimes I get caught up in the goals and lose me - thanks... again. :)

  5. @ Little FAT...thanks, it meant a lot to me to share it. Also, it's easy to provide kind words to good people and thanks for tending to the fish. Sometimes I worry that they suffer from neglect.