Thursday, December 30, 2010

I talk to my E-friends more than my IRL that wrong?

I'm a little freaked out about it.  I mean, I already knew that I was completely dependent on technology at work and would probably be struck mute if I had to answer a question when the server wasn't working.
But that's different.  That's not my fault.  I can't help it if the business world has gone paperless.  All I can do is adapt like the good worker bee that I am.

I think my problem started with texting.  I rarely speak to my kids in person anymore.  Even when they're home, I text them.  It's just so much easier.  I get quick, abbreviated, generic replies.  There's no discernible tone or attitude to tiptoe or stomp on my parental nerve endings, thus keeping my blood pressure and my temper at more manageable levels.  Plus, I can still text in my "mommy" tone which basically just requires me to use short clipped sentences in all CAPS.

Phone calls and get togethers were still the norm for socializing with my friends though.  But then came this Blog and Facebook.  It happened gradually due to my disdain of the electronic egotism of those around me.  I was positive I would always prefer direct communication over the emotionally stilted contact provided via this two dimensional vehicle of social destruction.

I was wrong.

I love it...LOVE it!

I can control whom I speak with and when I speak to them.  I can be witty, humorous and intelligent, thanks to editing and time delay.  I mean, how many times have you played back a conversation (argument) with someone and come up with something wonderful (scathing) that you wished you had thought of at the time.  Well, guess what?  Through the beautiful medium provided via the information highway, you can.

I love both sets of friends but I definitely communicate more frequently with my E-friends.  It's so much easier and less demanding that way.  Since I could be the Queen of Lazytown (as long as the title didn't require me to do anything), in my world the terms easy and less demanding translate to better.  And let us not forget the addictive nature that accompanies a simple two syllable word:  Comment(s).  (it should come with a warning)
When I realize I have a Comment, I can feel my heart rate increase and I try to take my time in order to savor the anticipation but like any other crackhead, I need my fix and I need it NOW.  Just back off people and let me enjoy the buzzing in my head for a minute...or two.  Ahhhhh, nothing better than a nice braingasm to get through the day.  (well, there is SOMETHING better but this isn't that kind of post)

My E-friends bring me happiness as easily as my IRL friends.  The difference being that they bring it to me in small controlled doses and apparently my psyche craves that kind of slow torture...but let's not delve any further into that area.

The point is that I prefer this form of virtual socializing to the extent that my own family is now seeking acknowledgement from me through my blog.  They provide me with photos (I really like using photos or funny cartoons to accentuate my posts, in case you couldn't tell) and funny stories in hopes that I might use it in some way. 
I have no idea if they are just trying to feed their own egos or if I have left them with no other means to bond with their new Cyber mom/wife. 

Either way, I have learned my lesson and I will have a talk with my family know, just to reconnect.  I won't have to explain my motives because I've already posted them in this blog.

My hubby, who is a complete Cyber hubby, is a lot more understanding about the whole thing.  He has been an addict longer than I and has therefore built up a resistance.  I am satisfied with one Comment but that's not enough for him anymore.  The Comments have to keep coming and he has gone to some major lengths to get them, even using cute pictures of his own nephew just to get an "awwwww" Comment.  I'm getting to that stage myself.  I can feel it. 

My attachment to real people has thinned.  It's kind of like that weird privacy zone that silently forms when you get in an elevator with strangers.  But that may only be my issue.  My hubby is friendly and social whether in two dimensions or three.  That's one of the things I've always enjoyed about him.  He loves to talk to elevator people, maybe it's the muzak that inspires him.

Either way, we are quite the homebodies and rarely go anywhere.  So tonight, I'm going to suggest we take a walk or if this wind keeps up, at least open the drapes and enjoy the view.

"Wow...look at THAT honey!  Honey?"

"Hang on...I'm getting my camera."  *click* 

"Where are you going?"

"I've got to post that picture right now."

"I can't believe you.  Haven't you been paying attention to what I've been trying to tell you?"


"It was my idea to look out the window.   I should get to post that picture..."


(for those of you who don't know, E-friends are how I refer to the people I talk to on-line and IRL friends are my friends In Real Life.  there are some people who fit both categories and I think I love them most of all)


  1. Love this post! I agree, the comment thing is addictive.

    The image of you and your kids texting each other from separate rooms in the house is cracking me up. Is this my destiny?

  2. @ Tim...this is definitely your destiny. Don't fight it, in this case, going with the flow may be the only way to keep your sanity during the "teen years". (that term should be accompanied by scary music, possibly the theme to Halloween?)

  3. Can I steal your post? And slap it on my blog? Other than the hubby (mine HATES it) it totally applies. I also think it's like having a shitload of disposable friends at our beck and call. If suddenly they become boring, or are too sick to post and comment then *poof* out comes a new cyber pal to vow eternal love towards. But, I also love real contact (not that kind, well yes that kind too, but real life contact) this morning I was all chit-chatty with the dudes at the auto parts store. And (hangs head in shame) even enjoying the smell of one of them. :o)

    Happy New Blog Post to you too Dawlin!

  4. Wait? You mean wen can have e-friends AND irl friends? Seriously though, true on all counts. Part of the conversation I had over the Christmas weekend with my parents & sisters (they found my blog by accident) was what nicknames I was going to give them all when I eventually wrote about them.

  5. @ Nikki...I agree and the disposability may be the most appealing aspect. And lift your head, some auto parts guys smell good enough to be illegal.

    @ can have both but it can get a little uncomfortable when they read your posts, especially if you're a little too honest when assigning nicknames...tread carefully Vinny...and carry a big stick.

  6. Much of my immediate family read my blog, which I now view as unfortunate. I sometimes find I have to really think carefully about what I'm writing (as in 'hmm, do I really want my mum to know that?'). Every now and then I toy with the idea of starting a second, totally separate one.

    When I see I've got a comment, it usually goes something like this: *squeal* Comment!

    I also hear you regarding texting offspring. It's far easier to send a quick text requesting the music volume be turned down than trying to shout above it to be heard. Sigh.

  7. @ Bub... I have the same problem. Especially since I like to periodically use my blog as a form of therapy and that usually means complaining about my family. I'm glad you can feel my pain on the whole texting issue.

    I guess I could write a journal and try going into the girls' rooms when I want to speak with them...I won't do it though. I've apparently already sold my virtual soul to the digital devil.

  8. lol...I agree with you on the Comments thing...and also Stats for me....I'm seen grinning like an idiot on days I've had new visitors....very addictive...

  9. @ Caterpillar...very true. If Comments are Crack, Stats must be Speed, really, a warning label should be attached.

  10. @ IWBY...maybe we should form a support group or maybe not. I would just exploit it in my blog ;D

  11. E-friends are better because e-friends don't fart at your desk at work.

  12. @ dbs...huh, I never thought of it that way before. Very true. At least until they find a way for people to send cyber farts through our smell-o-vision screens.

  13. i'm with you on the comments, but i'm also a junkie about my stats. i even use a site specifically for tracking who & where & how long they visit, even upgrading to the paying version so i can have a bigger log. man, i can't believe i admitted that outloud (sort-of).

  14. @ Sherilin...stats are definitely just as addictive. Unfortunately, for the technologically challenged (such as myself), having a site tracking my stats is beyond my expertise and for this, I am grateful. My addictions may increase as I go along since everyone knows that Comments are just a gateway drug.

  15. Truly funny and sadly (just a bit) very close to home for me too. But I get a laugh and guess what, I gotta tell me E-friend about you.

  16. @ know what? Sometimes E-friends are the best friends ever.

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  18. @ funny...Thanks for reading and for commenting. It's always good to get feedback and ESPECIALLY when it's exactly what I want to hear ;)