Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Very First Award!! I'd like to thank...

I only have one person to thank and that's Vinny of for the award and the kind words.  Yours is one of my most favorite blogs to read.  It always gives me a smile, a chuckle or a prolonged, high-volumed bout of laughter.  Your blog has saved a sh!tty day for me on more than one occasion.

So, here it is-The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award:

It comes with some stipulations.  I will need to forward it to someone and I think that will be to Spence of since I look forward to every single post and read them with an eagerness that surprises me.

Per Minx of, the creator of this award, I must also share 5 guilty pleasures with all of you.  So...hear goes nothing:

  1. I am willing to do absolutely ANYTHING in order to stay in my pajamas all weekend, watching the Food Network and reading my Kindle.  (ANYTHING includes: drinking heavily the night before so that I am still buzzed the next day and so incoherent that my family is unwilling to take me out in public,  faking sleep so as to avoid any obligations, duties or promises I may have agreed to earlier in the week, or announcing that I am unwilling to drive in the severe weather conditions "keep in mind that I live in Las Vegas so severe for me usually constitutes a breezy day, a faint sprinkle, or temperatures below 50'F".  You get the picture.)
  2. The reading material I choose to download on my Kindle is kind of...well...less than inspiring.  I tend not to download anything particularly intelligent, relevant, meaningful, introspective or critically acclaimed.  I DO read things that qualify in those categories but rarely will you find that on my Kindle.  I think the anonymity of downloading the material directly to my device gives me a sense of freedom.  I tend to veer towards the following categories: sci-fi, supernatural, romance, romantic suspense and a category I like to refer to as romantic smut.  That's right, I admit it, and this last category is my favorite.  It's like my own dirty little secret.  I am not talking about Erotica here.  It's romance that involves unbelievably gorgeous people with unending amounts of money, ridiculously simple obstacles to overcome and a LOT of cheesy dirty love/lust scenes because on my Kindle I can be whomever I choose and I choose to be shallow and slightly perverted.
  3. While driving, I turn into a rabid creature who eagerly consumes power from the dark side (thank you Kindle) and will out-cuss a career sailor on shore leave to the point that he sprouts ringlet curls and starts singing "On The Good Ship Lollipop".  This requires no further explanation except that I happen to be an Insurance Agent and I of course sell auto insurance and encourage safe driving practices while I secretly grow and nurture my road rage to epic proportions.
  4. I am addicted to sugar-free Rock Stars.  I publicly shun trendy energy drinks and shake my head sadly at young America as reports roll in about the dangers of these fad energy drinks.  But privately, I look forward to my Rock Star each morning and can barely function without it.  This is after my morning coffee, mind you.  I don't feel like a hypocrite, mostly because I choose not to feel like one (Denial happens to be one of my closest friends) but also because I have recently reached an age where there is NO energy left in my body.  The only way for me to function is to obtain as much artificial energy as possible...this may be related to the fact that my body is usually in atrophy come Monday due to guilty pleasure number one...hmmm...NAH.  (Denial, you're my favorite)
  5. I dream about my Blog.  Each night, as my head hits my pillow, I enter a dream-state where my Blog is the center of all things.  Your Blogs are all there too with powers in and of their own.  But since this is MY dream, my Blog is the Bad-a$$ Blog on the Block.  I dream about what to write and how it will be received.  Since it's a dream, it is always well received and has the ability to become everything to everyone.  In my personal Blogoverse, my Blog is relevant and a true and honest guideline to the betterment of society as a whole.  In reality, when I open my eyes in the morning, all I really want is for my Blog to be entertaining and of course...popular.
I hope these Confessions of an Irresistibly Sweet Blogger don't turn too many of you off of my Blog since my Followers are few and I am not worthy.

Thanks again for the award Vinny...if it weren't for Denial, you would be my favorite


  1. Your welcome and, for a chance to learn these guilty pleasures I'm glad I passed it on to you.

  2. @ are a true E-friend. Sticking by me even after my confessions.

  3. Hey....Congratulations on the Double win.... :)

  4. @ Caterpillar...Thanks, I was very surprised

  5. not only do i love the "carb free rockstar" but i have a new love for sugar free amp lightning lemonade... you may like it too!
    Congrats on your award!

  6. You know what I love to download on my Kindle? Those free books that occasionally pop up, and various sales. "Confessions of a Shopaholic" has so far been one of my favorite Kindle book! hee hee, I'd never buy stuff like that at a book store...

    Congrats on the award, you deserve it! And beyond...

  7. i've dreamt of my blog too. and sometimes i think i know the people who's blogs i read.
    oh and i ocassionally listen to romance smut on audio while cleaning houses. makes me blush a lil bit if the clients are home.

  8. @ Bella...Thanks for the tip. I will pick some up this weekend. It's always good to have a little variety when it comes to addictions.

    @ Nikki...I love the free books too! Kindle should market themselves as brown paper wrapped reading. I really do feel like I'm readign incognito.

    @ mean we don't really know the bloggers we follow? Sometimes, I consider them my dearest friends. Shhhh, that will be our little secret and I'm pleased to hear that I'm not the only Romantic Smut fan. When you listen on audio does it come with sound effects?

  9. hi just passing through enjoying your blog! the whole crazy driver thing? im with you on that! i turn into a blood sucking vampire when someone cuts me off. and who cares what you read as long as you enjoy it that's what i say! harlequin needs just as much love as anything on Oprah's book list!

  10. @ Constar...I love blood sucking vampires...on the road, as driving companions AND in my trashy reading material