Thursday, September 23, 2010

Age is in the eye of the beholder

My teenage daughter, who has always been an intelligent and well-spoken person, was watching a re-run of Little House on the Prairie yesterday. 

On a commercial break, she said, "Mom, you said there were cars when you were a kid but there couldn't have been cars when Grandma was a kid, right?"

"Of course there were.  I know you think of us as ancient but I promise you that neither one of us are as old as you seem to think."

My beautiful, intelligent daughter replied (in the tone of teenage superiority which is an ability all teens have mastered), "You are definitely wrong on this one, mom.  Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls on Little House) is younger than Grandma and when she was a kid, they were still using a horse and buggy."


Obviously, she hasn't learned to think things through before speaking her mind.  I'm not sure she will ever learn that trait - impetuous being that she is.

I love that about her.

BTW - she is not thrilled that I posted this.

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