Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beginning

I began this blog to let out my feelings before I blow. 

What do you do when everything you planned for goes up in smoke?  When the person you saw as your partner in crime, lets you down?

I have no answer for this but I could sure use one.  I know what my common sense is telling me but my heart is throwing up every excuse it can.  Today is the day that I've come to the realization that I am a coward.  I am dependent on others for my happiness.  It sucks! 

I am trying to break away but I realize I'm doing it in the most wishy-washy way possible.  Hopefully, I become better at this very soon so I can look at myself in the mirror once again and can recognize the person looking back.


  1. Today is a great day. Rush into the world with open arms. It's all yours. xo

  2. Hi! I am where you left the comment on a poem I wrote. If you go to the beginning it is all about realizing that the love of your life is human, and not even a very good one. Also, if you email me at fat little me (all one word) at ymail . com - I will send you a copy of my poetry book. I would tell you to buy it at, I guess I am not a good sales woman.
    Anyway, this blog I am signed into now is the reason has lapsed a bit - because I was being held back, first by my abusers in sheep clothing and then by myself and the damage I let myself do to me. So I took my writing, my blogging and my videos on a journey to make the outside me match the inside me.