Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ed & Max: a love story (or How I Amuse Myself at Work)

A long, long time ago in a place far, far away (two years ago at a park down the street) Ed met someone new (almost brand new-about 6 weeks) named Max:

It was love at first sight (at least on Ed's part). They were inseparable:
They faced many an adventure together (fetch, walk the dog, etc) and often went to the very park where they first met (actually, they went to a different park-one that was right across the street but this sounds way better) to pay homage to that glorious day:

They didn't always get along.  Since they were both great warriors, they battled often over their vauable territories (i.e. ball, bone, squeaky) but no one would forget their greatest battle-The Infamous Battle of Tire:

 Max acted first, breaching the perimeters of the territory and making his stand.

He attacked in the dark of night (yeah, it's daytime...I get it but the cell phone doesn't have a flash so use your imagination) and succeeded in taking Tire without any opposition (who really wants an old tire?)
Once Max had Tire in his possession (and we all know how valuable an old tiny tire is), he disappeared (ran with the tire to the other side of the park) without even a note (dogs can't write, no thumbs) for his dear friend Ed:

Ed was devastated (actually, he was pissed off that Max took off with the tire like that and didn't come back when he called-he's not very well-trained, Max-not Ed...well, either of them actually) and as time passed he became so bitter and angry, he seemed like a different man (not really a picture of Ed):

Max realized how lonely he was without Ed (he got tired and hungry)and decided that being the champion of Tire was not worth losing Ed:
So he apologized (Cute, huh?)... 

And Ed forgave him...
That was easy!!

Though there were other battles over the years , the battle of Tire is the one that is still spoken of to this day (not really, no one but Max really even cares about that tire)

Neither Ed nor Max will ever forget it, for it taught them to value each other above all else (or at least until the next really cool doggy toy catches Max's eye).  And they lived (or slept) happily (lazily) ever after:


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