Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picturing myself thin is NOT working!!!

I have put on too many pounds to count over the years.  I can blame some of them on getting older, some on stress, some on my children.  But the truth is I am far too inactive and I eat a lot of crappy food.  So, big shocker that I gained weight, right?

My mom tells me that my weight gain proves I'm happy since she's seen me skinny and sad for a long time.  I will go ahead and let her believe that since she seems pleased with the notion.  I, however, am not all that happy so her theory is somewhat flawed.

I've heard that if you want things badly enough and envision it in your mind, you can obtain it  ----- I'm here to tell you, that load of marshmallow fluffiness, would give Pollyanna cavities!

My weight gain did not occur overnight.  It crept up on me gradually, from behind (don't go there!) while I went about my life blissfully unaware of the overtaking of my body.  By the time I noticed what was happening it was way too late for a quick fix.  This would be a long and tedious process. 

I tried diets but realized that to keep the weight off, I would have to eat this way forever...uh, not gonna happen.  I tried a gym but the rates kept increasing which made for a great excuse to stop going since my family's finances must take precedence over my personal vanities.  I tried exercising at home but my ever so helpful and ever present family seemed to feel it was their role to tell me, "You're doing it don't look like you're doing the same thing the trainer on the tape is doing."  or  "You're not supposed to stop yet mom, they're still going."

I keep trying and have managed to knock off some of the evil little pounds who have attached themselves to me as if I were a star on the Disney Channel and they were the tweens brainwashed to love me.

I have given up soda, which was not as hard as I thought it would be and I plan to start exercising more regularly--if my family would just move out.

Either way,  I will tell you that the entire time that the pounds were creeping onto my once trim frame, I ALWAYS pictured myself thin and to this day I am still shocked when I see what I look like in the various photographs my family and friends feel the need to post on their FB pages.

If being able to envision things would make them reality, I would be built like a Victoria Secrets model with no signs of ever aging, my teenage daughters would never be moody and my husband would be the world's richest man and look a lot like John Stamos.

And you know what?  I'm glad it's not that easy to make your daydreams come true.  Fantasies are fun but reality is so much funnier!

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