Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's happening again. Thieving Bastards!

I am trying my best to be understanding and flexible about this. Really.  I swear.

Okay...not really.

Every single year this happens.  Those bastards steal what's rightfully mine and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.  I can't fight the government.  Well, I could but I would most likely lose and I'd much rather bitch to all of you.

This is a very short post because, well, I simply can't afford a longer one.  I'm sure you're all fully aware of the problem as most of you are fellow victims:

That's right folks...DST starts this weekend.  An hour of our lives will be stolen from us.  We'll be older, delirious from lack of sleep, and for the next few days, we won't be sure if the clock we're looking at is correct or not.  (Did I change the clock over the stove?  What about in my car?)  All in all, there will be mayhem and confusion for all as we try to figure out time zone adjustments even with the knowledge that we are an hour closer to death:

I can prove it's a conspiracy.  If it were to our benefit in some way, wouldn't this time change occur at around three or four pm on a Friday so we could enjoy leaving work an hour early?  Nope, this is done over the weekend.  They come like thieves in the night.  Stealing precious moments from our lives.  An hour from each of us. 

How much total time do they collect and what do they use it for? When they return it in the Fall, it's not the same.  We give them a brand new hour and they return a used one.  Shouldn't we get two hours back, for depreciation alone?  How about an hour and a half?

Okay, I'm done now, seeing as how my time allotment has already been exceeded by at least five minutes.  Sorry about that.


  1. If you don't watch Entertainment Tonight, you will save at least 30 minutes of your life.

  2. Does Charlie know about this??? he will have to adjust his rant time accordingly

  3. @ TT...whew! Thanks for the tip.

    @ Anonymous...I sent him the memo last week but if those bitch Goddesses got a hold of it, they probably threw it out.

  4. Not really a problem here. No DST. Only thing is now all my programs on cable will be starting an hour earlier.

  5. @ Vinny...just when you think you're out, they pull you back in.

  6. @ AC...exactly and I simply can't afford it.

  7. I'm like Vinny, no DST in Arizona. I've got friends and family all over, so I always have to double check around this time of year so I don't call people at bad times.

  8. @ Tim...even though you are one of the time elite, mass confusion still ensues! I used to live in AZ (Lake Havasu) and the absence of DST was pure heaven.

  9. I HATE DST! Grr.

    On year, my friends and I completely messed up - Spring Back, we said at 2AM, Spring Back!

    And then at 3AM, we realized our error and lost 2 HOURS!!


    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. i've never had an issue with DST. actually, i kind of like it because then it's light out longer. but i like you regardless. =)

  11. And it ALWAYS corresonds with my son's birthday party, so inevitably someone hasn't changed their clock and winds up an hour late...

    jeez... the nerve of all things...

  12. @ Suniverse...Wow, that sounds way too much like something I would do. I think they do that on purpose so they can steal two hours instead of one because clearly you can spring both forward and back.

    @ Sherilin...sunlight's good but don't you wonder what they do with all those hours? Creepy...Oh, I still like you too!

    @ Julianna...It is pretty nervy. Maybe your son will be able to change things. After all, who better?

  13. I hate the hour we lose overnight but love the sleep in when it changes back :)

  14. I hate losing that hour! It messes with my groove big style!

  15. Our clocks don't change until the last Sunday of this month and I love it!

    I don't care if an hour is stolen from me.

    I don't care if it makes me older (because let's face it, aging is something we can do bugger all about anyway),

    I don't care that I lose an hour's sleep (well, maybe a teeny bit).

    I don't care if I my clocks are all over the place.

    I don't care because it means spring and summer are here and I LOVE IT!!

  16. A much needed laugh for a day like this, thank you for it. I can't agree with you more on the topic too, let's pick a time and stop changing it already. It's so much tougher for kids too.

  17. I love my sleep, too. I'm sorry about the DST thing in your country. We had that thing sometime in the 90s. I guess it didn't work so it was ditched...

  18. I hate it ~ with a passion.

    (There is a blog award waiting for you on my blog)

  19. @ too, but I would be just as happy without any change at all.

    @ lyndy...EXACTLY!

    @ Bub...Well, aren't you little Miss Sunshine. I do enjoy the Spring, although in Las Vegas, summer's just HOT. But I'm pretty sure the seasons would come even without the time change, at least, I hope it would.

    @ really is extra hard on the kids and the parents who have to get them up for school in the morning.

    @ mice...huh, too bad we can't be that efficient with it.

    @ Nubian...the passionate hatred shows we are kindred spirits on this one. Thanks for the award, I have been sick and out of it for a few days but will be by shortly to pick it up!

  20. "Well, aren't you little Miss Sunshine." LOL!! I have my moments ;)

  21. I LOVE IT! I'm enjoying the extra sunshine at the end of the day. OK, so I'm really foggy and extra tired in the morning, but... I love that when I drive out to my activities in the SUN - SUN - SUN!

    p.s. I've friggin MISSED you! When I saw your cute little name on a comment last night I was so thrilled and hadn't realized how much I need me some daily Nari in my life!!!

    ツ my cyber house rules dot com

  22. @ Bub...Yes, you truly do.

    @ are so full of energy that I get out of breath just reading your blog so I don;t doubt your comment one bit. ** I've missed you too. You were absent for a while and then I was sick but I'm glad we've found each other once again.