Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is March 24th

She distractedly tears off pages on her daily calendar, something she hasn't even glanced at in at least two weeks.  Through the foggy vision of fatigue, she glances at today's date: March 24th.  A slight intake of breath makes its way through her raw throat and into her aching lungs.  Is it really March 24th?  How could it have arrived so quickly?

But it doesn't matter at what speed time has chosen to travel, it only matters that it is now March 24th and no matter how she is feeling, this date can not be ignored or brushed aside.  She knows she has little ability in her current physical state to properly honor this dearly loved day but honor it she must.  Her body groans in protest at the thought of any action, having been grossly overworked by the slavedriver better known as Sickness.  She pays no attention.

Her brain, heavy with medication, stutters to life as her heart whispers softly to it, "Hurry, today is March 24th.  It is an important day."

She thinks back to other special days and smiles.  She has not always done everything in its proper order but somehow things find a way of working themselves out. 

She smiles as she feels her heart flutter in excitement.  There is just no way this day could pass without being acknowledged. 

What is March 24th?

It is not the day she found the other half of her heart.  The half that filled an emptiness that she was unaware even existed until she felt the fullness within her.  No, it isn't that day...

March 24th is the day that other half of her heart was born.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY...sorry I got you sick.


  1. lol I loved this, the end was not what I was expecting at all!

  2. Happy Birthday to other half. I brought you some virtual tissues.

  3. Totally what I thought you were getting too. Hmmm...tell him I said Happy B-day. Feel better you two.

  4. @ lyndy...thanks!

    @ AC...I will tell him and thanks for the tissues, virtually speaking.

    @ JM...thanks, we're trying.

  5. AAAAAWWWWWWW! Sweet! So sweet! Nari, your writing is just getting better and better one post at a time. I officially am labeling you a "WRITER". There, it's official.

    Nari is a writer.

    When people ask you what you do, answer confidently: "I am a writer, and in my spare time I help people with their insurance."

    ツ my cyber house rules dot com

  6. p.s. your sweetie must be a really special person, March 24 is a great birth date (I should know, mine is in just a few days)


  7. Didn't see the end coming.

    LOVED it!!!!

    Now go back to bed and feel better.

  8. I second Nikki's motion. A writer, you are (and Yoda, I am. Hmmm?).

    He's a really lucky guy. I mean, who else could say they gave their spouse a cold for their birthday?

  9. @ Nikki...FINALLY. I am an official writer. Since you were so vague about the actual date and I would hate to forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    @ Julianna...Thanks and zzzzzzzzz.

    @ Vinny...Yay! a writer, twice am I AND the force is with me. I'm sure my Hubby feels very very lucky ;D

    @ Sam...:)

  10. Great post! Your hubby is very lucky - even if you did turn him into a snot spicket!

  11. Very nice! This was so authentic and such prose.
    Get better.

  12. Today is March 27, 2011 and a writer still you are.

  13. @ MMW...he is a very lucky snot spicket.

    @ Sandra...Thanks!

    @ AC...*blushes*